Our Story

Smart Moms Organics was founded in the fall of 2021 with the mission of not only providing kids with nutritious and natural meals, but also freeing working parents from the burdens of meal planning and cooking. Parents and kids deserve more of the quality family time that’s unfortunately already constantly being disrupted by hectic work schedules or sudden business trips. They understand firsthand the stress that comes with coordinating childcare as working parents. The goal with Smart Moms Organics has been to support families and ease these burdens.

Smart Moms Organics was founded by two friends who’d gone through pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood together. While breastfeeding, and later during the transition to solids, they realized just how incredibly significant nutrition is in the first three years of a child’s development. They shared their experiences with other new mothers and learned about their experiences and their needs. Then, after thorough research into baby food regulations, Smart Moms Organics was born. Its science-based commitment to healthier and happier future generations quickly attracted attention and gained popularity across social media.

Head Chef Alice has fond childhood memories involving preparing and enjoying good food with her family. From making dim sum from scratch with her grandmother as a child, to the countless late nights spent developing dishes that make her daughter smile, she uses this as the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit to turn a stall in a small kitchen into growing a hospitality business. Alice left her full-time job to study at New York’s International Culinary Institute for Culinary Art and Restaurant Management and applies the universal language of food to nourish people’s bodies and minds.

It was in culinary school that Alice met another foodie, Crystal. Their mutual love of food, and shared struggles in balancing career and childcare – combined with Alice’s expertise in culinary arts and Crystal’s extensive experience in accounting and global marketing – Smart Moms Organics, a collaborative venture, was born. Since launching Smart Moms Organics, they’ve never stopped investing in it, with the hope of giving all kids a strong, nourishing, and delicious start in life.